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Rest Easy With Your Monitored Amarillo Carbon Monoxide Detector Your Protection Against Hazardous CO Leaks.

Defend Against The Silent Killer With Your Amarillo Carbon Monoxide Detector 

CO leaks are typically hard to detect. The colorless, odorless gas can seep out of gas ovens, HVAC systems, or your gas fireplace. Exposure to a CO build-up can be dangerous and may have serious consequences including weakness, tissue damage, or death.

However, a monitored Amarillo carbon monoxide detector will warn you when there is any indication of CO accumulating. The detector stays active at all times and works just like your smoke alarms, as it will sound a high decibel alarm when activated. It will also send a notice to your smart phone and your 24-hour monitoring station so you can get to safety before emergency services arrive.

Amarillo carbon monoxide detector

Is It Time to Install A Monitored CO Detector in Amarillo? 

Carbon monoxide is nearly impossible to detect on your own. As a result, your smart CO alarm in Amarillo is the best chance to catch this noxious gas before it endangers your loved ones. Consider the following:

  • Diagnose CO leaks with electrochemical sensors: Detect low levels of carbon monoxide, so help arrives to your house in a hurry.

  • High-decibel alarm with LED status indicators: If the detector senses high levels of CO gas in your home, the device will emanate a high-decibel alarm so you can get to safety. You can also check the status of the alarm with LED indicator lights.

  • Receive notifications regardless of your location: Dangerous gas leaks can take place at any hour. So, when your CO detector recognizes hazardous levels, a notification is sent to your phone. Now you can rest easy at work or on vacation.

  • 24/7 ADT monitoring reacts swiftly to CO detection: When your carbon monoxide detectors sense gas, they take action by contacting you and the ADT center. Your monitoring professionals will reach out quickly for help while you focus on your family’s safety.


Sync Your Amarillo CO Detectors With Your Home Automation System for Extra Safety

Your CO detectors are one of the many important parts of your Amarillo home security system. When you connect your carbon monoxide detectors to your all-encompassing security and automation system, your entire house can respond to a CO leak. Consider the capabilities of your intelligent home devices and the ADP home security control app:

  • Have instant alerts sent to your phone if smoke or fire is detected.

  • Smart locks open automatically for emergency professionals.

  • Activate your HVAC fan from a distance to vent the CO gas buildup.

  • Inspect live video footage to ensure the safety of family members and pets.

  • Maintain open communications with ADT professionals through smartphone application.

Your Carbon Monoxide Detection Starts With A Free Quote

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